Ten Reasons to Buy  from Us

1. CONVENIENCE:  We ship one stop door to door shipping nationwide and worldwide.

2. Fine C0llection: We offer limited fine collection of high quality furniture and
accessories due to China banned export policy.

3. QUALITY: Our products are among the highest quality in the Chinese antique
furniture industry. You can take pride and have 100% confidence in your purchases at
www.MeiAnituqes.com. Our furniture has fine craftsmanship, historic and cultural

4. AUTHENTICITY: We provide Certificate of Authenticity.

5. FASCINATION:  Our furniture is simple, elegant, natural,  scientific,  historic,
cultural,  aesthetic, one-of-a-kind, timeless, priceless and collectible.

6. VALUE: Our furniture has high added value, is highly collectible and good
investment. It is not allowed to import Ming & Qing dynasty Chinese antique furniture
from China due to China banned export policy since June, 2007.

7. CONSULTATION: We provide consultation, seminar and appraisal at favorable

8. GUARANTEE: We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.

9. PROFESSIONAL: We are knowledgeable, professional and reputable dealer,
collector and appraiser.

10. REPUTATION: Reputation is Life of Our Business!
Limited Fine Collection of Authentic Chinese Antique Furniture
Mei Antiques      Fascinating Features: Simple. Elegant. Natural. Scientific. Historic. Cultural. Aesthetic. One-of-a-kind. Timeless. Priceless. Collectible.
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to ask any detailed questions in regard to the items to be purchased to ensure 100%
satisfaction and confidence in purchase. We provide all of the professionalism of a
legitimate offline business, respond quickly to bidder and buyer inquiries, and ship
items promptly as we have developed a good reputation among the antique
community and increased our chances of customers returning and buying from us

Formal Statement
We formally state that we only sold the limited collection of Ming & Qing dynasty fine  
Chinese antique furniture at MeiAntiques.com due to China banned export policy
since June, 2007.

Customers' concern and  questions in purchase!!!
We take care of our customers and understand your concerns. We strongly suggest
whenever you go to any antique furniture dealer, you need to check with them about
the following questions like you check with us:
Most important questions: authenticity and antiquity.
Common questions: replacement of wood, original painting or re-painted, original or
replaced brass fittings, altered its structure, proportions, parts or style.
Difference between antique furniture and old furniture?
Difference between authentic antique furniture, reclaimed antique furniture and
reproduction antique furniture?

Welcome to consult us on the authenticity and antiquity or ask for appraisal. We
provide seminars, consultation and appraisal services.

If any questions, please feel free to contact me at mei@MeiAntiques.com.

Wish you have a pleasant purchase at MeiAntiques.com!