Item #: B1-2H1
Name: A Rare Set of Masterpiece  Real Gold-overlaid Fine Carved Panels/Wall Hanging Art (3 PCS)
Circa: Early Qing Dynasty (Early 18th Century)
Wood: Fir, durable and moisture resistant
Region: Jiangsu, China
Dimensions: 82.5”Lx14.4”H (1 Horizontal Panel), 68.3”Hx19.5”W ( 2 Vertical Panels)
Condition: Mint, made by Dongyang craftsman or Anhui craftsman, with some crack through hundred years
Guarantee: 100% authentic antique, one-of-a-kind
Price: $20,000                    Timeless priceless treasure       Please require shipping cost before purchase.

History and background:

This rare masterpiece set of one horizontal and two vertical panels with opera motif  and real gold-overlaid fine carved 86 figures used to
be part of a canopy bed for a high ranking official. They are one-of-kind masterpiece wood carvings with real gold-overlaid. I never seen
such splendid opera scene carved on the panels. The high relief and open carving skills are so attractive and impressive.

The horizontal panel, decorated in an opera motif, has 5 sections on the first layer and 3 sections on the second also depicting ancient
opera scenes. About 68 figures on the horizontal panel and 18 figures on the two vertical panels are round and deep relief and gold
gilding. Every figure is of three dimensions, lifelike and different. Remarkably, there are some English letters on the scroll held by two
people on the left side, but I don’t understand its meaning. There is a Chinese scroll held by two people on the right side, saying "
图" (
Hundred Tolerance). It is probably a reminder to be tolerant of other people’s differences. In Buddhism, tolerance is one of the
most important personal qualities.

The two vertical panels have three big sections and two small sections. At the upper part of the big section of both vertical panels, a big
basket of flowers with ribbon is delicately carved in relief with deep open carving. It depicts the Chinese idiom "life is as colorful as
flowers" (
花团锦族) and "future is bright" (锦绣前程). On the left vertical panel at the bottom is an official riding a horse. One person is
holding a "royal silk fan" (
皇罗伞) and two servants are carrying lanterns to light the way. It represents the Chinese idiom "success
immediately upon arrival" (
马到成功). On the right panel at the bottom is the scene of an official riding a horse while one person holds a
flag and two advance escorts hold axes to clear the way and announce the coming of the very high-ranking person. This depicts the
Chinese idiom "win victory in the first battle" (

This set of carved gold coating panels is of perfect design: an artwork with classical opera, literary quotation and idiom motifs. In
addition, it also includes different architectural geometric patterns like rectangles, circles, hexagons and octagons cleverly wrought into
different sections of the panels’ overall design.

The carving on these panels is of very high quality – round, deep relief and deep open carving. The enduring gold coating and vividly
different facial expressions of lifelike figures are each, in themselves, an individual sculpture. These carvings were hand made in the
typical Anhui artisan’s skill which was considered the best carving style in Ming and Qing dynasty. The carving’s mood shows the owner’
s great desire or dream for a bright future. Because of the inclusion of English letters on one of the scrolls, the owner was probably
associated with imperial court. The whole set shows the owner’s high level of taste for aesthetics and his eminent status.

An artwork such as this is pleasing not only to the eyes but the mind as well. The carving is like watching an opera, reading a story, or
seeing a live historical scene acted out in front of you. Every figure is vivid... Its charm arouses your great interest in knowing every detail
and will bring you much joy to own this remarkable perfect masterpiece.

What a beautiful scene! Absolutely rare exquisite artwork! It’s so pleasing to the eyes and mind! This rare set is remarkable and
extremely collectible for its historic value (cultural relic value) value, aesthetic value, rare value and great potential added value.

The panels of this design, style, antiquity and rarity will only increase its value due to strict regulation of governing exports of Chinese

They are in mint condition, except some crack through hundreds of years,but they don't influence the value as you can see some cracks
in the Museum wood furniture pieces or carvings too as shown in Nelson Museum in Kansas City Missouri.

It is recommended for display in the museum, library, office, study or hall.