How to purchase our authentic Ming Qing dynasty furniture?
Buy with 100% confidence!!!
Customers are encouraged to ask any detailed questions in regard to the items to be purchased to
ensure 100% satisfaction and confidence in purchase. We only sold authentic fine Chinese antique
furniture at We believe honesty and  credibility is key to success in our

Customers' concern and  questions in purchase!!!
Due to China banned export policy for the antique furniture before 1911, we are not able to
import those authentic antique furniture from China, so since May, 2007, we can only sold the
limited collection of authentic antique furniture in USA. They are highly collectible with added

Unfortunately, the American antiques market is cursed with a high proportion of fakes. Fakes
often look better than real antiques to the inexperienced eye.

We take care of our customers and understand your concerns. We strongly suggest whenever you
go to any antique furniture dealer, you need to check with them about the following questions like
you check with us:
Most important questions: authenticity and antiquity.
Common questions: replacement of wood, original painting or re-painted, original or replaced brass
fittings, altered its structure, proportions, parts or style.
Difference between antique furniture and old furniture?
Difference between authentic antique furniture, reclaimed antique furniture and reproduction
antique furniture?

Welcome to consult us on the authenticity and antiquity or ask for appraisal. We provide
seminars, consultation and appraisal services.

If any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Wish you have a pleasant purchase at!

Please email or fax us with your requests. All the items  this Online Store are available in
Kansas City, Missouri, USA and are ready for immediate shipping. (Remember, this whole online
concept is part of the low price strategy.)

Fax: 816.214.5989

Thank you for shopping at!

Sales Tax
Missouri customers pay 7.725% sales tax on the retail price. Inventory is expensive.  When
ordering online, you legally avoid state sales tax.

Payment Methods
We accept the following forms of payment methods:
  • Online Payment via PayPal, Credit Card and bank account
PayPal is the preferred payment method for most buyers. PayPal enables you to send payments
quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account without exposing your card number
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If you have a PayPal account, please click the button of BuyNow when you chose the item  and
send your payment to
If you don't have a PayPal account. you can pay with credit card, debit card or bank account, just
need to click the button of BuyNow. then continue until you finish the billing information.

Please notify me to confirm the payment information with you and list the item number and your
receiving address by email so that we can delivery the item to you soon.

If you have any question about processing the payment at, please feel free to email or
call me.
  • Offline Payment via Cashier's Check, Personal Check, Money Order, wire from bank
    to bank or West Union
We also accept checks or money orders drawn on a US bank in US funds. Please no foreign checks
or money orders even if in US funds.
We'd rather spend more time to take care of orders from Offline Payment Processing.
You can also wire your money from bank to bank or through Western Union if you prefer.

Buyer Pick-Up
Most items are available for pick up at office in Kansas City. Payment must prepaid or cleared at
the time of pick-up. We are happy to hold items for up to 30 days, providing that payment is made
within 10 days. Items not picked up within 30 days will be charged a storage fee of no less than
$10 per day.

Shipping Information
  • Domestic shipping
You can pickup your items at our location, Kansas City, Missouri with no shipping charge. For
delivery shipping to 48 States, retail price plus shipping cost and handling fee. Please require the
shipping fee before purchase.
  • International Shipping
International shipments are available. Please contact us for rates and information before

For items shipping, 'Loss and Damage' insurance will be required or optional. In the absence of
insurance, we cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that damage/loss occurs in transit.

Our aim is to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. In the very unlikely event that the
authenticity of every antique is disputed, please email us immediately. A full refund will be issued
if the antique is returned with an accompanying letter from a recognised authority (such as a
museum or reputable auction house) disputing its authenticity. All Items must be received in
their original condition for a full refund and must be clearly labelled "Return".

Free Shipping
Buy 2 or more items Free Shipping. (USA only)
Area and other restrictions may apply. ( excludes :Alaska. Hawaill)
Limited Fine Collection of Ming Qing Dynasty Furniture

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Limited Fine Collection of Ming Qing Dynasty Furniture