Nephrite Plaque built in Enamel Frame Brooch with motif of happiness, wealth, longevity  & joy ( 福、禄、寿、喜 )
Circa: Jade plaque made in Ming/Qing dynasty, enamel brooch made Qing dynasty.
Condition: Excellent with great patina
Materials: Hetian Celedon white nephrite jade, silver, gilt, enamel
Craftsmanship: multi hand made skills, masterpiece, unique art

This is an antique masterpiece silver art-- gilt filigree workmanship with plaque and ajour setting enamel foliate surrounding the
carved nephrite jade pin/brooch, the pin measures 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" and is about 3/8" high also, the pin is a period piece most likely from
the 1930's and made in China, it is in good vintage condition.

The pattern bevelled from jade is combined with calligraphy and bat and double coins, which represent happiness, wealth, longevity  
& joy ( 福、禄、寿、喜 )

好藏品,工艺复杂,玉质上好,很有收藏价值!Highly collectible as an exquisite craftsmanship. Super quality jade with a great value
to  your collection!
Jade is an antique piece dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties; a  multiple hand made technology
"Chisel hammer stacked
, is applied to the enamel. As a whole it is a first-class art treasure.