Item #: A2-3
Name: Luohan Bed  with three solid board railings
Circa: Mid Qing dynasty ( Mid 18th century)
Wood: Cypress, its resistance to rot and insects,
Region: Jiangsu, China
Dimensions: 86.6” Wx48.8” Dx33.5” H (floor to seat: 24.2" H)
Condition: Overall Good, except for minor repair for the rear feet.
Guarantee: 100% authentic antique, one-of-a-kind
Appraisal: $8,000

Price: $4,800 (including custom made cushion and pillows)

Luohan bed 罗汉床 refers to a bed fixed with three solid board railings. This bed was designed in Ming style, constructed of cypress,
with mitered corners, a waist, three single board rails, Humen
壶门(Pot Door Shape) aprons at four sides, solid legs and horse-hoof
feet. The peg tenons joint are applied between rails and frame. Peg tenons  fit into mortises of the rails and frame, slide downward and
locked in place. Three rails function to protect privacy. Three rails are short with round corner and ladder shaped, representing a theme
of Bu Bu Gao
步步高 (A Better Life & Career). On the back panel of bed was carved with brush and floral motif which has partial tone for
the idiom Bi Zhong Sheng Hua
笔中生花 (Brush symbolizes much knowledge, flower symbolizes brilliance, so it represents wish: One
must be brilliant in career with much knowledge); Persimmon and Ruiyi motif has partial tone for the idiom Shi Shi Ru Yi
Everything goes on smoothly). The pot door paneling in front was carved with a pair of bird wings motif for the idiom Bi Yi Shuang Fei

( A couple must fly high like birds and have good career). Seen as a whole, the Luohan bed was well designed and conceived
under the instruction or influence of scholar at that time, the various deep profound traditional Chinese culture motifs convey a sense of
Chinese literae humaniores
人文科学(尤指古典文学的研究) and ancient civilization, the shape and design of the Luohan bed are
unpretentious, comprised of clear and simple lines, conveying a sense of solidity, simplicity and elegance. It is typical of Ming style
furniture. The natural patina of this bed not only witnessed life and ancient craftsmanship for about 250 years but also is so pleasing to
your eyes.

During the Ming dynasty, Luohan bed, with moderate size and easy to move around, was usually placed in study room or bedroom for
relaxation in the daytime or at night.  A small Kang table is typically placed directly in the center of the bed for the snack and tea service
in the daytime  during both business and social gathering. Later  it turns into a central and imposing piece of furniture in the living room.
Nowadays, a Chinese Luohan Bed turns into a kind of comfort in Asia and western countries.  The pillows and cushions  with ancient
Chinese calligraphy motif and one mattress are customized to fit this bed to give a luxurious impressive look and create your own
comfortable special private area or to entertain friends or guests over tea or coffee in the intimate atmosphere of ancient Asian luxury.  
Therefore, such a Luohan bed adds both traditional and contemporary oriental accents to the living room.

Furniture pieces of this design, style, antiquity and rarity will only increase value due to strict regulation of governing exports of Chinese
antiquities. Considered a rare and collectible  piece even in China, it is more so in  America.