Jade Silver Dagger/Chinese Export Letter Opener
Rare Superb Scholar Object,in Qianlong reign (1736-1796) of Early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911AD)
清代早期乾隆时期的 银镶玉云龙纹佩剑 中国外销拆信封刀-文房极品
Hetian Pale Celedon jade Carved Dragon motif Belt Buckle was made in Early Qing dynasty, later mounted into the silver in late Qing
dynasty as a rare super scholar object,letter opener. Carved Jade Buckle with a motif of Big Dragon Watching a Little Dragon,applied with
super Yangzhou jade carving skill in Qianlong reign (1736-1796) of Early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911AD)

Posted By: Anita Mui <aseason@hotmail.com> Sun, Jul 12, 2009 IP:
Wow! I have never seen nice late Qing Dynasty jade piece shown in here for years. The craftsmanship is superb.  It's a Taoist dagger
with stars constallations on it, the handle made of white jade belt hook. The silver frame has a motif of 4-clawed dragon is for the
Zhuhou (seigneur) of the Qing Dynasty.   However, this dagger is decorated with ancient belt hook attached to the handle of dagger
served as an envelope cutter, not for ritual ceremony.

剑长:30.5cm (Total length: 12")。(其中:玉剑柄:11.5cm长(handle: 4 1/2" L),最宽处:3.5cm(widest: 1 3/8"),最窄处:1.8cm宽
(3/4"W);剑身:19cm长(Length of blade: 7 1/2"L)X 2cm宽(3/4"W)。)

意:吉星高照。反面剑柄与剑身之间刻有元字体英文:China. 通常有英文China是在清末1990左右出口的。 此玉带扣的雕工具有清早期雕工风
格, 具有一流的扬州玉雕水准。此佩剑品相完好,没有任何破损、裂纹,银龙纹饰部分和几处朵云纹有些灰黑色氧化物或包浆。银龙神态逼真,
犹如神龙活现,腾云驾雾气势,从银器的工艺来说也不愧为上品。因此, 无论玉的大小和品质、文化艺术设计、手工雕刻工艺、悠久的历史、
宗教文化、文人文化、适用性、稀有等方面综合考量, 整个器物都非常完美,玉质温润尔雅,可谓“谦谦君子,温润如玉”,具有独特艺术观赏性


Please examine every little details of jade carving, silver handle and blade. You can see vivid expressions of jade dragon father and son in
eyes,ears,beard,mouth, two horns and muscular limbs of little dragon. Another 3 dragons carved on the silver handle and blade with great
patina. Please also examine the jade quality, silver quality, carving quality.  This jade for auction possesses super Yangzhou jade carving
skill in Qianglong reign in early Qing dynasty  for its exquisite carving . Please be aware of modern imitation jade, poor proportion, poor
carving skills and rough metal mounting, which have no natural jade or metal patina, but shows modern tooling in carved lines and rough
sharp edges of metal. Your aesthetic judgement on the art, antiquity and value of Chinese antique is very important when you look for rare
super one. In Ming dynasty, the jade buckle was mainly used for the scholar's robe.

Please also examine every detail of the silver powerful dragon carvings and clouds with great patina. The carved silver dagger with carved
jade handle has 5 dragons. The dagger is mounted with Hetian pale celadon jade which is highly relieved and open carved with dragon
motif, exceptional carving and size. Very finely carved with a soft patina. The  Jade is carved with a big dragon watching a little dragon. In
China, there is a motif "Father teaches children" 苍龙教子纹龙图 and another traditional Chinese idiom motif "Father watches children,
holding hope for children"望子成龙, all wish children success in the future. The silver blade is carved with dragon on one side and wayne
(7 North stars constellation 北斗七星) on the other side, which is related to Daoism. It's a Taoist dagger with stars constellations on it. It
is a symbol of good luck. The dagger handle on one side is made of pale celadon jade belt hook in 18th Century, the silver frame of
handle on the other side has a motif of 4-clawed dragon is for the Zhuhou (seigneur) of the Qing Dynasty. However, this dagger is
decorated with ancient belt hook attached to the handle of dagger served  as an envelope cutter or letter opener in the western country.
Please notice the silver dragons have 4 claws instead of 5 claws. In ancient Chinese history, only emperor can use the dragon pattern with
5 claws in certain dynasties. Zhuhou (high rank officials) or royal family can use dragon pattern with four claws with permission or reward
of the emperor. Due to a strict class status system in ancient Chinese culture and history, normal people cannot use a pattern of dragon.
Otherwise, they were considered to offend the emperor as it is a symbol of emperor's power and authority. As this piece stamped "China"
is for export purpose around Later Qing dynasty, it could be made for the western royal family as they could have been in high demand for
Chinese high art such as silk, porcelain, jade and so on in the Chinese export history especially in Ming dynasties and early Qing

Now we don't sell the jade as a part, buckle, but sell a quite rare super complete scholar object with value of perfect design, high grade
jade, exquisite carvings on jade and silver, representation of traditional Chinese culture, history and significant scholar object for
easterners and westerner. So far it is the only one appears in China market or international market. Therefore, it has great added value of
rarity and excellent condition. Believe or not, you can do further research. Welcome to offer more valuable information.

One tiny minor rough spot/nick on the Chilong’s left ear, no restorations or other condition issues.

Taoism or Daoism (Mandarin Chinese pronunciation), from Chinese Daojiao 道教 , refers to a variety of related philosophical and
religious traditions and concepts. These traditions have influenced East Asia for over two thousand years and some have spread to the
West. The word 道, Tao (or Dao), depending on the romanization scheme, means "path" or "way", although in Chinese folk religion and
philosophy it has taken on more abstract meanings. Taoist propriety and ethics emphasize the Three Jewels of the Tao: compassion,
moderation, and humility. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature, men-cosmos correspondence (天人相应), health, longevity, Wu Wei
(action through inaction), liberty, immortality and spontaneity.
Reverence for ancestor spirits and immortals are also common in popular Taoism. Organized Taoism distinguishes its ritual activity from
that of the folk religion, which some professional Taoists (Daoshi) view as debased. Chinese alchemy (including Neidan), astrology,
cuisine, several Chinese martial arts, Chinese traditional medicine, Fengshui, and many styles of Qigong breath training disciplines have
been intertwined with Taoism throughout history.
Are you seeking to build your collection around a theme (such as dragons, flowers, or military jades), around finding one or two from each
period of history, or limiting the collection to "auspicious" jades used in the many ceremonies of Taoism and Confucianism?  This is a
rare  piece to add to your collection as a scholar object. In the current market, a scholar object like this rare piece has very high added
I have included a photo of a similar jade belt hook Christie’s Auctions sold in 2007.  For more pix, please click HERE.