Rare 18th Century Antiques Chinese Cane Sword
Item#: ST1004
Circa: Qing Dynasty
Material: Brass and Steel
Size: Overall  17".  Blade  12".
Condition: Excellent
Price: Inquiry

Very rare antique Chinese cane sword in solid brass mounts with lovely engraved decorations of females,
flowers and birds all around the scabbard/sheath, scattered patina to the thick grooved blade, it pulls
straight out of scabbard and doesn't have any twist off devises. The sword is functional and trustworthy.
Lovely patina to the brass, overall in very good solid condition.

吴中华 2009/10/25 23:47:16 ­

剑是真品,是秀女剑,起到装饰,暗藏,护身,把玩之作用。看纹饰应该是雍正年,雍乾时期侠客很多。 纹饰
参照 清中期百寿图和清中期乾隆工满工百寿图翡翠鼻烟壶.