Feng Shui

Although it was developed in China, Feng Shui is in fact the same knowledge that was applied by people in
different traditional cultures all over the world throughout history. In modern times, we have grown apart
from this simple, common sense approach to life; all our choices easily lead us astray. If we want to blast a
tunnel through a mountain or build on a flood plain, we can, but we have lost our instinctual sense of the
balance between the human being and the natural world and are often faced with consequences different
from those we intended. True Feng Shui offers a return to this understanding of natural balance as well as
methods for applying this ancient wisdom to modern life. Because Feng Shui is in tune with natural
principles that are universal, it rises above religion, belief systems, or cultural differences. Feng Shui is
open to everyone and universally relevant. One way to express the philosophy of Feng Shui is the saying,
"Live in harmony with nature; live in tune with the heart." This is the core concept of Feng Shui
knowledge. It stresses that human beings are living in the way that is best for them when they are also
living in a way that accords with natural energy that follows the same patterns everywhere.
Feng Shui can
be regarded as a science,
because the knowledge it provides can be verified by experience. It requires no
"suspension of disbelief" or faith in magic; rather, the principles can be studied and applied, and the
results evaluated to see if they are in accord with what was learned.
Feng Shui is also an art. Rather than
a rigid collection of rules to be followed, it is a way of seeing – a set of tools which can be used in a myriad
of ways. It is like the single tree that supports the growth of a hundred different blossoms. Instead of a
"paint-by-numbers" kit which defines not only the outline of the picture, but also the locations and
boundaries of every individual color, Feng Shui provides the paint box full of colors to be used according
to the individual artist's choice.