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The basic feature of oriental culture about Chinese antique furniture is to
seek simplicity, truth, lightness, nature and balance, which have become the
most effective remedy for modern civilization. Chinese antiques and
traditional furniture have become a new fashion because of its purity and
artistic forms. Whether you are beautifying your home, designing or
decorating a commercial interior, setting up your office, or simply adding to
your collection, our authentic Chinese antique furniture fulfills the fullest
range of senses. The more you explore these unique antiques, the more
delightful experiences you will encounter. This section is a step to the world
of Chinese Antique Furniture. Here with all the vivid photos and detailed
descriptions, certainly will draw your attentions. You will see how elegant and
special our antique furniture is. It lights your inspirations how to use these
beautiful furniture to decorate everywhere in your place.

This limited collection of Ming & Qing dynasty Chinese antique furniture was
gathered by the Chinese antique collector, Mr. Zhong-hua Wu in 1900's in
China.  They are  one-of-a-kind timeless, not only useful and suitable in modern
décor, but also retain cultural,aesthetic and investment value.

All antiques listed here come with
Certificate of Authenticity.
Luohan Couch
Luohan Couch refers to a bed fixed with three-panel railings. This couch, made of a kind of
hard wood, looks steady and elegant. During the Ming dynasty, Luohan couch, with moderate
size and easy to move around, was usually placed in study room or bedroom for relaxation.  
Later this Luohan Couch with Kang Table has long been the center piece of furniture in the
living room, much like an American sofa at home. However, unlike the sofa,  it served many
functions. It was an elegant,  comfortable, impressive place to create your own special
private area or for entertaining friends or receiving guests over tea in the intimate
atmosphere of ancient Asian luxury.
Chinese Antique Furniture and Feng Shui are in harmony
with your environment and the laws of nature!
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