Why buyer prefer Chinese goods ?
Please share me your own answers, thanks
Posted on Sept 12, 2006 at 00:29

Re: Why people asking Chinese goods ???
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1.As all aware Chinese are capable of making anything. They are like bees. They would not be idle.
2. There is sufficient man-power available in china
3.The government has the mind to support for the new innovative projects
4. They know the purchasing power of the people in particular country, so they will make cost effective product for them
according to their purchasing power.
5.They are able to supply bulk products
6.Abundant and cheap raw materials available

So they are able to give products at competitive rate and to all countries. People from all over teh old that cheap
products are available from China

This is the reason why people around the world asking Chinese products

Posted on Sept 13, 2006 at 00:50

Re: Why people asking Chinese goods ???
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People don't ask Chinese goods.. For Example..
Sony colour TV is 800 US$ and Chinese colour TV is 400 US$ Which one will you prefer??
Is the same thing with daily necessary things, people want to buy cheap price good quality products, and china is
providing that in very good manner....
Later if other country start producing like this buyer will move to that country...
So People buy product, they even don't know some times it's made in China..

Posted on Oct 23, 2006 at 16:39

Re: Why buyer prefer Chinese goods ?
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It easy enough to make a broad generalization about the Chinese goods and Indian goods but in fact ....the issue an
extremely complex one in my own view , you must take the buyer position and ask ..What is the buyers need ? the
answer as I think is

1- good quality
2- good price
3- good language

4- easy connections
5- easy catalogue
6- easy trading

7- safe payment
8- safe data link
9- safe production

10-complete informations ( company's informations)
11- complete descriptions ( goods)
12- complete documents

13- fast reply
14- fast courier
15- fast manufacturing

16- cheap courier
17- cheap charges
18- cheap services

19- free samples
20 - free to call any time
21- free assistance

if you make a comparison ,, I think that china will win the most satisfactory conclusion we can come to is that ..India has
a long and hard way to go before can vie with china

Mohamad Alkady