Item #: B3-1
Name: A Set of Decorative Carved Panels
有镜子的 一根藤花板, 松鹤延年 和合二仙
Circa: Late Qing dynasty (Late 19th Century)
Wood: Aged Jumu/Southern Elm
Region: Jiangsu, China
Dimensions: 79”Lx62”H
Condition: Excellent
Guarantee: 100% authentic antique, one-of-a-kind
Price: $3999

Originally carved to adorn an antique canopy wedding bed as a complete set of panels. It is well constructed of aged Jumu
(Southern elm). Well designed and exquisitely carved with auspicious motif of “Pine & Crane
松鹤延年" (Longevity), “Two
Supernatural Beings
和合二仙" (use their magical power to protect children from evil or misfortune, thereby bringing peace). It
has original mirrors and retains original dark red lacquer. The Chinese antique bed board may be used as either an archway
screen or a luxurious mantelpiece. It is a stunning architectural accent to a room and makes a great conversation to a seating

It is highly collectible for its high art value, historic value and collection value.