Item #: B2-20
Name: A Set of Open Carved Panels
Circa: Late Qing Dynasty (Late 19th Century)
Wood: Jumu
Region: Jiangsu, China
Dimensions: 79.2”Lx61.8”W (one horizontal piece) , (two vertical pieces)
Condition: Excellent
Guarantee: 100% authentic antique, one-of-a-kind
Price: $1709

Originally carved to adorn an antique canopy wedding bed as a lintel. The pattern Bat Carrying Two Peaches in the center of the
horizontal panel is a symbol of Fu & Shou (Happiness & Longevity). The whole set was open carved in one vine pattern.
Delicate carvings; Original black lacquer.

The Chinese Antique Bed Board can be used as an inner archway screen or a mantel piece.