Item #: B1-3xH
Name: A Set Of Six Gold-painting Deep Embossed Hanging Panels
Circa: Mid-Qing dynasty (Mid 18th Century)
Wood: Cypress
Region: Jiangsu, China
Dimensions: 40”Lx10”H (one horizontal panel)
18”Lx10”H(two small horizontal panels)
Condition: Excellent, made by Dongyang craftsman or Anhui craftsman
Guarantee: 100% authentic antique, one-of-a-kind
Price: $3699

This set of panels came from a canopy wedding bed. They had of three dimensional design and were exquisitely highly relieved
with opera motif and officials riding on horses with accompany of warriors. The whole piece is full of a wish to get promoted and
become rich. Original red and golden lacquer added more beauty to the carvings. The whole set shows the owner’s high level of
taste for aesthetics and his eminent status.

An artwork such as this is pleasing not only to the eyes but the mind as well. The carving is like watching an opera, reading a
story, or seeing a live historical scene acted out in front of you. Every figure is vivid... Its charm arouses your great interest in
knowing every detail and will bring you much joy to own this remarkable perfect masterpiece.

What a beautiful scene! Absolutely rare exquisite artwork! It’s so pleasing to the eyes and mind! This rare set is remarkable and
extremely collectible for its historic value (cultural relic value) value, aesthetic value, rare value and great potential added value.

The panels of this design, style, antiquity and rarity will only increase its value due to strict regulation of governing exports of
Chinese antiquities.