Item #: B1-1
Name: Pair Of Deep Embossed and Open Carved Panels
Circa: Mid Qing Dynasty (Mid 18th Century)
Wood: Aged Jumu/Southern Elm
Region: Jiangsu, China
Dimensions: 32.8”Hx19.3”Wx1.6”Thickness
Condition: Excellent
Guarantee: 100% authentic antique, one-of-a-kind

Originally carved to adorn an antique canopy wedding bed. Exquisitely carved in both open and embossed way on the very thick aged
Jumu wood with a motif of "Bouquet in the Basket" to depict peace and prosperity and "Garden view" to depict that spring is everywhere.  
"Peony " is to depict riches and honor. You can see the original bamboo/wood pins of each piece by taking a close look. From this pair,
you can also see the amazing well-honed Huizhou woodcarving skills are most famous in the golden time of Qian Long Period (A.D.
1736-1796). This piece includes all kinds of carving skills such as deep relief, deep open carving, carving on multi layers. Selected aged
wood and patina of original dark red lacquer enhances flavor of this masterpiece. It is so attractive and pleasing to eyes and mind.

The panels of such design, style, antiquity and rarity will only increase its value due to strict regulation of governing exports of Chinese
antiquities. It is so rare and highly collectible for its exquisite carving skills and no excellent preservation.